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Why Woof

Learn why Woof Pet Resort is the best choice for your dog while you're away for work or vacation.


Cleanliness isn't optional — it's a requirement.

Here at Woof, we take great pride in providing ultra-clean play areas for all dogs. Unlike other dog daycares that carry foul stenches and stained floors, we provide a safe, stench-free area for dogs to sleep, play, and relax during the day while you're away.

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We care for dogs as if they were our own.

Our team is equipped with staff members that love coming to work everyday, and who wouldn't when you're in an environment like Woof? Whether you're away for just a few hours to a few weeks, you can rest assured that your pup is being taken care of by some of the best humans in the business.


We act as a pack—as a family—in every area of our business.

At Woof, our motto is: When they’re here, they’re family, and we really do mean that. Whether it's remembering your dog's birthday and surprising them with a special treat or sending you special photos throughout the day of your pup, we want to make you and your dog's experience memorable and get to know you along the way.

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Check-in on your dog everyday on Facebook.

Our team knows how hard it can be being separated from your pup while you're at work, on vacation, or wherever else you may find yourself. That's why every dog that hangs out with us gets posted on our company Facebook page twice a day.


July 2018

My dog loves coming here! She gets to play with dogs her size and play style. It shows she had a blast when she comes home all tuckered out.

Cassie Marley for Penny the Boxer / Read Reviews


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