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Our professional grooming salon and spa offers a wide range of exclusive services for your dog. From baths to hair cuts and nail trimming to ear and teeth cleaning, our grooming department is fully equipped to handle all your pet grooming needs. Our experienced and knowledgable groomers have the expertise to help your pet look and feel their best!



From full haircuts to just a simple undercut brush out, we'll get your pup cleaned up and looking spiffy for all your upcoming adventures and photos together.


Nail Clipping

Worried about cutting your dog's nails too short and striking the quick (blood vessel)? That's completely understandable. We can take care of it in a jiffy and give your dog a full paw-dicure.


Bath time is messy, difficult, and often not a time that anyone looks forward to. Let our team take that burden off your back and let you get back to what you do best — relaxing with your pup.


Ear Cleaning

Ear infections aren't just for humans; dogs often find themselves with an infection if their ears aren't cleaned out regularly, as they tend to build up with dirt and bacteria over time.


De-Shedding Treatment

Tired of your dog’s fur getting all over your furniture at home? Our de-shedding treatment works wonders to minimize your dog's shedding and help your dog lose that loose undercoat.

Teeth Brushing

Sometimes, dental treats don't work as a good old-fashioned teeth brushing to rid your pooch of that bad breath. Our trained in-house groomer can clean your pup's teeth with ease.


January 2018

We are absolutely thrilled with the care she receives. Every staff member is kind and interactive with our pup. Everyone is so friendly, and you can tell they just love dogs! Our dog happily wags her tail and jumps out of the car when we pull up. Communication is outstanding! We even had the owner call us back while on holiday in Las Vegas just to give us an update! In our opinion, this is by far the best doggie day care in the area!

Kathy Thornton for Zoey the Plott Hound / Read Reviews


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